Our yoga offer

Enjoy your holiday aside of noise and masstourism

Seeterassencamping Ried Yoga

Why Yoga?

More and more people are overwhelmed by our hectic world. Constant accessibility, job, family and everyday problems make it more and more difficult to come to rest, to relax and even to take care of yourself.

We want to help you with this and besides a “5-star landscape” and rest we offer since this year also a free yoga program, so you can spend a restful and relaxing holiday.

Corresponding to the motto “strength is at rest”, our yoga teacher represents a gentle style of yoga characterized by slow, fluid movement and prolonged persistence in relaxing positions. The main focus is placed on each participant being able to follow the unity calmly and with joy and not physically overwhelmed at any point.

Our certified yoga teacher Christiane (YAA certified) offers the following courses at our place:

Early Morning Yoga

Welcome the new day with yoga and welcome the hours to come with opening movements. Tense and stiff body with softly stimulated movement sequences. In the flow of the movement we fill up with new freshness. Through a harmonious relaxation, we can face the day calmly.

Relaxation for the back

Gentle exercises help to gently mobilize and specifically stretch shortened muscles. Bonding and slag are loosened, the body fluids can circulate freely again in the muscle tissue. So our muscles are vitalized and better supplied with nutrients. A relaxation sequence at the end of the session helps letting go of the “burden on our shoulders” and melting into silence.

No prior knowledge is required, anyone can join in – whether young or senior. You only need comfortable clothes and – if available – a gymnastics mat.

Dates/prices and registration please on site at the reception desk

We wish you restful hours with our yoga offer.